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Three Factors To Consider When Selecting A Jewelry Display Box

As a jewelry designer or retailer, showcasing your pieces is how you get them sold and how you earn a profit. Given the importance of good showcasing, it’s imperative that you choose your display box wisely. Here are just three factors you don’t want to overlook when selecting a display box for your jewelry. Accessibility […]

How The Oil And Fuel Industry Is Changing

The price of oil per barrel can fluctuate wildly due to various conditions such as global conflicts, supply and demand, and environmental concerns. As society adapts the oil and fuel industry must also adapt with it in order to keep up with current trends. Here are some ways that new technology and other factors have […]

Metal Roofs For Style And Durability

If you are in need of a new roof, you’re probably looking for something that will last for decades while offering you energy savings and other advantages. A metal roof fulfills all of these criteria, but you may hesitate to consider one because you picture the metal roof as something best used on a barn. […]

3 Creative Uses For Acrylic Fabrications In Your Commercial Bakery

When you pass the acrylic fabrications shop on your way to your commercial bakery every morning, you may never give this skilled trade shop a second thought. However, there are many reasons why an acrylic fabricator could come to be one of your most valuable business suppliers in the bakery business. Acrylic materials, which are […]

Should You Switch Your Craft Brewery From Bottles To Cans?

Starting production at a small brewery, whether you are making beer or soda, requires working out a few details ahead of time. The most major decision may be between whether you should can or bottle your product. While bottles have long been the standard for craft breweries, cans are an option that shouldn’t be overlooked. […]